Pre tanning products

Exfoliating Body Wash - $22.50

Prepares and Polishes the skin for any tan whether its technician spray tans, self-application or spray booth tans. Can be used for tan preparation or use as a gradual spray tan remover. Tropical Pineapple Scent.

Body Wash - $22.50

Specially designed sunless tanning body cleanser containing moisturizing agents that cleans skin, hydrates and helps prolong the life of your tan. Contains 0 harsh ingredients that may compromise the quality of the tan. Vanilla Lavender Scent.

Sugar Scrub - $22.50

All natural with only 4 ingredients and it is also oil free. Great product to exfoliate your skin as part of your pre-tan routine. Removes dead skin cells, clears pores and rids the skin or oils and dirt. Unscented.

Exfoliating Mitt - $8.00

Ditch the Loofah! Using an exfoliating mitt will help removed dry/ dead skin while also removing your leftover tan. Create a clean slate for your next tan with our exfoliating mitt paired with either our sugar scrub or exfoliating body wash!! Proper prep will help improve the longevity of your tan as well.

Tan Eraser - $40.00

Remove your fake tan in 60 seconds. This ground breaking remover is renowned for delivering ‘viral worthy’ results time & time again. This remover create the perfect canvas for your next studio/self tan. This is a great product for those that get weekly/bi weekly glows!

Post tanning & Self Application products

Bronzing Mousse - $45.00

This self-applicating mousse is our sweat resistant solution in a bottle! If you're a pinch and love to have a self applicating bronzer on hand, look no further! This brown base mousse is universal and will look great on all clients!!

Tan Extend - $24.00

Maintain your sun-kissed glow with our tan extender. With a small percentage of DHA this lotion, it will help hydrate your skin and help keep your spray tan looking even and smooth for a longer period of time. Can also be used as a moisturizer with a little bit of self tanner. Pineapple Scent.

Body Renew Moisturizer - $25.00

Renew Body is an ultra-rich, hydrating body moisturizer formulated with naturally derived, skin-nourishing ingredients for the ultimate hydrated and radiant complexion. Our protein-packed moisturizer combines peptides, amino acids, and Mango Seed Butter to visibly improve the skin’s tone, texture, and elasticity for a renewed, revitalized appearance. This is your spray tan friendly daily moisturizer!

Coconut Vanilla Body Scrub + Body Butter - $36.00

We are coco-NUTS for this holy-grail duo for smooth, buttery-soft, paradise-scented skin! This body scrub and body butter sets contains a 100 ml size Hey, Sugar Coconut Vanilla body scrub and a 100 ml size Hi, Butter Coconut Vanilla body butter.

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